This show was fun for me because my mom is on this path. It shows the way a person who is struggling with this new age path has to deal with the people in her life. I related to this show from both the perspective of main character as well her coworkers and family. The actual episodes are super short, so they are easy to get though relatively quickly. I am going to seek out the next season.

5 questions answered:
1. Would I recommend this show to my sister?
Yes, but only if she had a lot of extra time. It is not something to put on the top of the list. But if you are bored, then it is interesting, funny, and for me relate-able.
2. Is the acting well done?
Yes. The characters feel real. Many characters have many facets.
3. Was this a typical HBO show?
Not really. The show has quality, which I have come to expect from this network. But, it didn't have that sweeping magnetic addictive feel. I would have expected it more on showtime.
4. Is Luke Wilson Cute in this?
Not really. I usually love him, but his character is so flawed, and it difficult to see that Luky-ness.
5. Best part of the show?
The way the main character can pick herself up and keep going. I admired that, and I like the little montra's she takes on.


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