The League!

I have to preface this review with a disclaimer. I Love Mark Duplass. He won me over in the movie "Safety Not Guaranteed" and he broke my heart in "My Sister's Sister". I think he is hysterical in this show as well as "The Mindy Project". 

This show is so addicting. I binge watched the first season, and I didn't mind watching the whole series again with my boyfriend. I am not a football fan, and I still loved it. He did get more jokes than I did though.

This show is so funny. It is hands down one of my favorite recommendations. I even have it on DVD, and I don't buy DVDs of shows anymore. Every character is sick and obsessed with winning the league. They have their own language about it. The Sacko, The Shiva, Three Penis Wine, and cinnamon colored paint just to name a few. You know a show is good when you find yourself laughing later "Bang Bang, what's the hang?"  

This group of friends constantly embarrasses, harasses, and pranks each other. It is horrible and hysterical to watch.  I love it!

You can watch it on Netflix, amazon prime, and it reruns on FXX. The show has had 5 short seasons, and is renewed for a 6th in 2014.

1. Where is this show filmed?
If you have read any of  my other reviews, you know that I live in chicago, and this city holds a place in my heart. This show is filmed in LA, but set in Chicago. So much fun to hear them refer to my suburbs, and I love the references to Chicago hot spots. I feel like they could eat more pizza, but I am ok with that. Chicago is also known for steak, and they hang out at Gibsons. This is a real restaurant downtown, close to where I work. Although, they don't actually film there of course.

2. Where do I know Taco from?
One actor on this show was internet famous before it started. Jon Lajoie did some internet music or something. I usually hate musical comedy, but he does incorporate a few songs into the plot. And it is actually funny. He is one of the best characters too, because he doesn't care about winning the league. 

3. Do I even like Ruxin?
Nick Kroll has his own show now, and I am sure his own fan base. I do think he is as funny as the rest, but I usually just cringe at his character's inhumanity. They need him on the show to maintain a baseline of immortality. He was funny on Parks and Rec as a DJ, and he is dating Amy Poehler now.

4. Which characters are most like the Stark Family from Game of Thrones?
Kevin and Jenny are the ones you want to root for. Especially Kevin. In the show Jenny, played by Katie Aselton is married to Kevin, played by Stephen Rannazzi. They are the best couple, because unlike most shows, the wife doesn't always have to do the right thing. She has her moments of pure evil as well as all the other characters.  I hate it when the girls don't get to have as much fun as the guys. The ironic thing is that Katie Aselton is married to Mark Duplass in real life.

5. Will Andre ever find true Love?

I doubt it.  Poor Andre! Paul Scheer plays this Mr. Pitfall to perfection. He is constantly optimistic, and yet always destined to be unlucky. Maybe it is because he tried to join a different league? 


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