You're the Worst

Funny and Horrible! So inappropriate, I love it! This show is disgusting, and hilarious.
5 questions answered.
1. Should I watch this show?
Yeah, give it a try. Don’t wanch it with your mom! It is too graphic. Besides, what else is on right now? TV shows for the summer are wrapping up, and fall shows haven’t started yet. You have very little to lose.

2. FX, why?
It fits right in with the raunchy humor of “Always Sunny”  and “The League.”  Not as funny though. So, lower your expectations. It has potential to become funnier. But, why oh why did they include a contraction in the title. DVRs don’t have apostrophes in the search bar. You are the worst, is just as good!

3. Similarities to other shows?
Hello Ladies
It reminded me heavily of that HBO show Hello Ladies. Granted, I only watched a few episodes of that. This show was funnier, and the even though the British guy said reprehensible things, he is more lovable in “You’re the Worst”.  Stephen Merchant and Chris Geere kind of look similar too…but obviously Mr. Geere is cuter. Stephen Merchant is friends with  Ricky Gervaise (so, he is cool too).

Always Sunny in Philadelphia
This show has a toxic nature to it (in a good way). In most shows, one person is destructive, and the other people have to show them the right path. Just like Sunny, it appears that they just egg each other on to be worse. I like that.

4. Something cool about this show is?
I think it will work if the characters go against their better judgment and fall in love, or even if they don’t.  That is kind of rare. That is of course, if the show doesn’t get canceled.

5. Will it get canceled?
Probably.  Everything new and a tiny bit original seems to get canceled too soon. Don’t get too attached.


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