The Mindy Project

One of the best shows on TV.  It is up there with my top 5 funniest shows of all time.
Mindy gets me! She writes smart funny, which I certainly appreciate. The show is one of the few that I always would try to catch new while it was airing. Or I would even stay up late and forgo some of my precious sleep to watch.  Very rarely is a show good enough for that.
She picks hot guys to be on the show. And actually lets the characters move forward romantically. Some shows string you along for too long, until you are actually too mad to watch. Not her. Stuff happens in this show.
5 questions answered

1. Did I like the season finale?
YES! LOVED it. I re-watched it a few times.  Both season 1 and season finales were fantastic.

2. Are there any characters I don’t like?
I used to find the character of Morgan the male nurse annoying. Then I started to love him, and now I can’t wait for his scenes. I even went back and watched some of the first season again, and I do think that he was funny in hindsight, since I like him now. That does happen sometimes with character, but again that is very rare.

3. Who is my favorite guest star?
Oh, That is so difficult. There have been so many good ones. Anders from workaholics was awesome! I loved that she brought her real life boyfriend (for a time) BJ Novak onto the show. Even Timothy Olyphant (who also guest stared on the League once) even showed up. Mark Duplass is a series regular too (with his brother).  I have to say my absolute favorite is Adam Pally, who actually became a series regular. But, overall, these are my favorite actors right now! I love it. I can’t wait to see who gets into next season.

4. Why is this show so good?
It is relevant to my life. She has too many almost empty shampoo bottles in her shower, just like me. She is not super skinny, but constantly tells people she has “dainty, dainty wrists” or that the whole box of doughnuts is her breakfast, not for the office. Her search for love is naïvely romantic, and I feel like I want my life to be like a rom com too.  She pays attention to the little details, like the funniest name of a small white boy being named RayRon. It is just smart funny.

5. Should Mindy and Danny be together?

Yes. I hope they actually do.


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